Hair extensions come in many varieties of colors, textures and methods of attachments. You can create fullness, length, or use them to protect your natural hair. Deciding the right type of hair extension will depend on your scalp sensitivity, hair length, texture and budget. 

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Bundled Hair Extensions


This extension method is used in many different techniques . The longevity from installation is based on technique, texture, and growth rate. Full sheets of hair can provide a lot of hair, really quickly for maximum volume. Great for long hair styles, blending short to long seamlessly. Most options for curly or wavy textures to choose from

5 weeks to 3 months



Strand by Strand Hair Extensions

Used as integration pieces within the hair, very easy to hide in the most mobile hair.  Strand by strand means just that, you can add into your hair as pops of color pieces or fullness and length all over. These have the most mobility out of all the types of extensions. Great for anyone active that needs mobility. Can also hide easily with outgrowth.

5 weeks to 3 months

*KERATIN TIP (adhesive)
*BEADED with silicon


Tap-In Hair Extensions

Very easy to install. Very flat to the touch.  Most compatiable with course (thicker hair stands), can be singled or doubled for more or less hair.  

< 2 months

*TAPE only (adhesive)


Closures (Crown)

Best application for thinning hair above the parietal ridge.  Can come on lace or silk backing, to look natural while blending with the skin. Creates fullness instantly.

1 to 3 months

*BEADED, BRAIDED, SEWN (in one application)

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